The PTA of Sydenham School

We are the Sydenham School PTA – a group of parents who started meeting up during the year 2013, to talk about how our daughters were doing at school and how we could support the school further.

Some of us are have a long track record of being involved in previous PTAs. Others had never set foot in a PTA meeting before our daughters came to Sydenham School.  So please do come and join us, whether you were involved at primary or not.

It’s also a very good way of meeting and keeping in touch with other parents, now that the school gate has become a distant memory!

We are separate from the Parent Forum – many of us are members of both groups, but our remit here at the PTA is to help support the school and the parents in other ways.

We help:
•    raise  money – see here for some of the events we’ve got planned
•    ‘behind the scenes’ with school events – we’re the people providing tea and coffee for prospective parents
•    welcome new families to the school (Year 7 parents may remember the picnic we organised for ‘soon to be Sydenham girls’ in the summer).

Your help and support, by coming to events or sending donations if you can’t.  
Your bright ideas for things we could do to get more of the school community involved.
Your time in getting other families in your daughter’s tutor group involved in our school.

Come and meet other families at informal events and feel part of your school community.





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