The ICT department is committed to providing a quality service by offering a learning experience which enables each student to personalise her studies. A wide range of modules are offered at KS4 which encourages the student to be creative and imaginative with each student being continuously challenged to improve.

To give the user a sound understanding of the fundamentals of Information and Communication systems.To enable the user to gain practical experience in Information and Communication systems.To offer opportunities to explore state of the art, industry standard, software packages.We aim to give all students an awareness of the value of the subject, both as stand-alone subject and as a set of tools to use with other subjects.?We aim to foster an appreciation of the significance of the subject and an understanding of the role the subject will play in our own student's lives beyond the educational environment. We want each student to work confidently at her own level whilst always striving to improve that level by setting new targets for herself. Training students to approach problems with clear and logical thought and to have the ability to solve them using a range of tools acquired in ICT as well as other subjects

We hope to encourage students to work independently and as part of a team so they have a good base upon which they can go confidently into the workplace or go on to further study.

We want each student to be able to make connections between ICT and all other subjects.


There are four dedicated ICT teaching rooms, situated in both buildings (two in the new building and one in the old building). The department currently has the facilities for 120 students at any one time with a ratio of one computer per person (1:1). In addition, the department has three interactive white boards and a large amount of specialist technologies to support teaching.


◦A two year preparatory course

Year 9:

◦Functional skills Level 1

Year 10:
  • ◦Functional skills Level 2
  • ◦Optional OCR Single Award (Nationals)
  • ◦Optional OCR Double Award (Nationals)
Year 11:
  • ◦Optional OCR Single Award (Nationals)
  • ◦Optional OCR Double Award (Nationals)
Year 12:
  • ◦OCR Nationals Level 3 Creative Strand
Year 13:
  • ◦A2 Applied ICT

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