About Us

Sydenham has a long tradition of educating girls, often pioneering innovation and development. We believe that creativity inspires, evokes learning and enables students to make connections across subjects, between our school and other schools, as well as the local community and the wider world. Student achievement is at the centre of all we do.

Sydenham School is a STEM school – with strengths in Science and Mathematics and an additional focus on Technology and Engineering. Equally committed to the Arts, Humanities and Languages, we provide a curriculum which is broad, exciting and challenges students, across the full range of national expectations.

By bringing together teaching programmes, imaginative projects, events and Development opportunities, our aim is to offer our girls the chance to see how the world and society could be different. We want our students to feel empowered to make their own decisions and to be confident and motivated to learn, to perform and make things happen.

To achieve this, we have a strong vision and expectation of every student is high. We nurture each individual to help her explore her own talents and make sure that she makes the most of all the opportunities available. When she leaves Sydenham, the young girl has become a young woman.


SFH6 is a dynamic and forward looking Sixth Form with very high standards.  We ask our students to take responsibility for their own learning and we believe in the rights of all to achieve at the highest possible level.

We value aspiration, drive, energy and ambition.  We expect our students to be motivated, focused and willing to contribute at school, in the community and beyond.  We challenge them to become well balanced young people who make good decisions and respond to change with confidence and optimism.