Headteacher's Welcome

Sydenham School is a highly successful, diverse and inclusive community comprehensive secondary school for girls, with a thriving co-educational sixth form SFH6. We have been educating children since 1917 and are firmly rooted in our local community. 

At Sydenham School, we believe that students should feel safe, confident and happy as well as achieve highly academically. Our school motto is ‘Aim High’ and we ensure our students take the centre stage and have access to each and every opportunity supported by our dedicated and expert staff. Our aim is that they can progress into adulthood as confident, well qualified, and articulate young people who will make a contribution not only in their own families and local communities, but more broadly to our society and its wellbeing. 

Our curriculum is crafted to meet the demands of the national curriculum and beyond - to develop a love of learning in each subject. Our teachers believe that by ensuring students enjoy learning they will also want to dig deeper, explore further and develop their own interest and motivation to learn more. We celebrate each subject’s discipline, its creativity, the use of active learning, problem solving and collaboration in the classroom so that our students know more, remember more and become more confident and engaged. As an inclusive school we are proud of the results of all our students and believe that every student can perform highly regardless of their starting points. 

Beyond the classroom we believe that we can enrich the experience and unlock the potential in every student. The breadth of activities on offer encourages students of all ages to become actively involved, whether their interests lie in the classroom, on the stage or on the sports field.  Programmes such as the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme enable students to learn to take risks, enjoy challenges and build resilience.  A comprehensive offer of extracurricular clubs, trips and visits give our students the chance to take part in activities that will build excitement and engagement, confidence, and friendships. At Sydenham, we nurture leadership potential across the student body enabling our students to be active global citizens by providing opportunities to contribute to school life and the wider community through the School Council, Sports Leaders, Debate Mate, South London Citizens and Student Leadership Team.  

With our local and national connections students and staff work with organisations such as the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT), Best Practice Network, the Royal Academy of Art, the Lawn Tennis Association and the Rugby Football Union to learn from the very best. Sydenham students know they are at an excellent school. Sydenham leads on delivering the training for Early Career Teachers in Lewisham through London South Teaching Hub ensuring we keep ahead of the latest developments and thinking in education.  

Our thriving sixth form SFH6 offers a full range of A Levels and vocational Level 3 courses (further information can be found here).  We are very proud of the sixth form results and the breadth of destinations our students go onto. Our careers, university and Oxbridge preparation programme is able to support students to apply to the most competitive universities as well as consider their aspirations and the wide range of options for undergraduate study and direct entry into the workplace. 

Emma Wijnberg