The English as an Additional Language department specialises in supporting students whose first language is not English. We offer many different types of support to our students including:

  • Bespoke ESOL lessons
  • Grammar Burst sessions (Tuesday & Wednesday Registration)
  • Let’s Talk sessions (Monday Registration)
  • Accelerated Reading Group with the Library
  • Literacy sessions for KS4 based on the 8 Questions in The  New English Specification           (Tuesday Lunchtime)
  • Lunchtime Homework Club (Monday)
  • After-School Booster Sessions

We also offer a specific programme of learning for targeted EAL students where the grammar of the English language is taught and explored.

EAL students who are new to the School are assessed on arrival to determine their level of English knowledge and a course of support is created. Our main objective is to give our EAL students every opportunity to acquire English fluently so they are able to access and enjoy the curriculum and progress as quickly as their peers.

EAL students are placed in an intensive course for couple weeks and only attend English and Maths lessons. This is to teach them the basic terms used in and around the school environment and is an orientation process.

In conjunction with the Modern Foreign Language Department, we train students who are fluent in their mother tongue to sit the GCSE Community Languages Exam and if they are successful they have the opportunity to go on and sit the AS and A Level exam in their first language too.

Bilingualism is supported, celebrated and encouraged here at Sydenham School through our Young Interpreters Scheme, where we train students to become Interpreters for other students and their families.

Useful websites to help you improve your English!

EAL - Mobile Phone Apps for Learning English

Here are 10 of the best apps that you and your family can use to learn English and to build English skills anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone:

  1. Duolingo
  2. Memrise
  3. busuu
  4. LearnEnglish Grammar
  5. Babbel
  6. Voxy
  7. MyWordBook
  8. Two Min English
  9. British Council Apps
  10. Real English