GCSE Options

At Sydenham School students have a wide range of GCSE options and are encouraged to study a broad curriculum up to the end of Year 11.  Students study up to ten GCSEs in total.  

All students will take the following to GCSE level:

English Language

English Literature


Science: In Year 9 all students study Triple Science.  The allocation of students onto the Triple or Combined Science

course will take place after the Year 9 exams in the Summer Term.

Humanities:In Year 9 all students will study History and Geography and then will take at least one of these to


Religious Education

Languages: The vast majority of students will study a Language to GCSE (French, Spanish, German or Latin)

Two further option subjects students will choose these at the end of Year 8 along

In addition students will continue to study the following non-examined subjects:


Physical Education

Our curriculum provision is intended to develop a culture of respect for each other and a belief that outstanding achievement in all areas is an attainable goal for our students. The curriculum is aligned to the school vision and aims which are underpinned by the High Performance Learning Philosophy. At Sydenham we aim to develop the following in all of our students:

·         Academic achievement – our students achieve highly through a rigorous and well planned curriculum

·         Global citizenship – our students develop a sense of their responsibilities and social justice and are confident about improving their world locally and globally

·         Enterprise and confidence – our students are creative and innovative and are able to use their knowledge and skills with confidence and independence. 

The key principles of our curriculum are that high levels of performance are attainable for the vast majority of students and that we can systematically teach students how to succeed in school, to be intellectually and socially confident as well as to have a global outlook and a concern for others. To achieve this, our curriculum builds explicit subject knowledge and disciplinary skills and the HPL cognitive competencies - the Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics (ACPs) and Values, Attitudes and Attributes (VAAs). 


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