High Performance Learning

High Performance Learning at Sydenham School


Sydenham is one of 8 schools across the world pioneering a different approach to education, based on the work of Deborah Eyre.

What is the High Performance Learning Approach?

High Performance Learning is based on research from across cognitive psychology, gifted education and neuroscience, and on 30 years of practical experience of educators in over 16 countries, the philosophy of High Performance Learning starts from the following key principles:

  • High academic performance is an attainable target for everyone
  • We can systematically teach students how to be ‘intelligent’ and how to succeed in school
  • World-class schools produce students that are both intellectually and social confident, who are college-ready, workplace-ready and life-ready with a global outlook and a concern for others
  • There are 20 generic characteristics which students need to develop if they are to be high performers in cognitive domains (ACPs) and 10 values, attitudes and attributes (VAAs) that develop the wider learner dispositions needed for cognitive and lifetime success.

As well as an underpinning philosophy, High Performance Learning provides a practical framework that school leaders can use to transform learning – actively involving students and their parents in the learning journey and presenting schooling as a quest for cognitive success.  The framework is not another school improvement process, or a step-by-step programme, but instead identifies the component parts needed to make high performance learning a reality, allowing each unique institution interpretation of the framework.

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