Dare To Be Challenged

Dare To Be Challenged

Year 7 High Performance Learning Practice Project

Welcome to our Dare webpage.  Here you will find all the resources you need to support your daughter to be successful in her practice project.  You can download portfolio pages to print or use digitally and see the pastoral program they will receive through tutor times.

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What are the Key Aims of this Project?


  • To teach students about the values of taking on challenge and overcoming failure.
  • To give students new learning opportunities in areas they have not tried before.
  • To engage and include parents/ guardians in their daughters learning journey.
  • To build on and enrich the main curriculum through the introduction of High Performance Learning and Growth Mindsets.
  • To promote independence and an ethos that learning does not stop when you leave the classroom.


What is High Performance Learning?


Based on research drawn from cognitive psychology, gifted education and neuroscience High Performance Learning starts from the following key principles:


  • High academic performance is an attainable target for everyone. We have to change our mind-sets and expectations so that everyone in this school community, students, teachers and parents, truly believes this and their behaviour is reflective of this.
  • We can systematically teach students how to be ‘intelligent’ and how to succeed in school.
  • World-class schools produce students who are both intellectually and socially confident, who are college-ready, workplace ready and life-ready with a global outlook and a concern for others. We want that for all our students.


High Performance Learning or HPL sets out a range of characteristics which students need to develop.  Some focus on thinking skills (Advanced Cognitive Performance or ACP) and some on values, attitudes and attributes (VAAs).   



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