The Inclusion Plus Faculty includes a range of support for students with Additional Educational Needs (AEN). AEN covers a broad spectrum of students, including those who are supported by:  

  • EAL – English as an Additional Language
  • SEND – Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Learning Mentors
  • Children Looked After
  • Pastoral and behavioural support
  • Welfare and Attendance
  • Safeguarding and Child Protection
  • Tailor-made, small group and individual support, for a range of student needs


The students accessing the Inclusion Plus interventions, are supported in addressing their learning needs by specialist staff in a friendly, positive and stimulating environment to facilitate the removal of any barriers to learning. We encourage the development of:

  • self-confidence;
  • positive and successful learning;
  • strategies to pursue life-long learning;
  • and maturity to become successful independent citizens in and beyond school. 

Much of the support we provide to these students entails close liaison with parents and carers. Our aim is to provide appropriate support for all students who have Additional Educational Needs and to promote an ethos of inclusion to enable all students to access the curriculum and achieve their full potential.

Below is a list of useful support; each has information attached. I have labelled the areas below as:

I -  Inclusion, this refers to information on the support available in the Inclusion Faculty.

P – Parents, this is information aimed at explaining terms and approaches, and providing support materials for parents to access.

Emotion regulation; useful approaches during school closure

Link below to further curriculum information on Inclusion: