Ms Maduka - Curriculum lead

Ms Virgo-Furrs

Mr Heidari

Subject: Business Studies

Studying Business allows students to understand how the commercial world around them works.  It stimulates creative and entrepreneurial thinking, while developing critical skills of analysis and evaluation.  Students explore topical issues from the economy, to globalization and business ethics. The subject allows students to gain insight into the working world, how corporate businesses function and what qualities are required to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.

Key Stage Four

Theme 1: Investigating Small Business - comprised of enterprise, spotting a business opportunity, putting an idea into practice, how to make a business effective and external influences on business Theme 2: Building the Business - comprised of growing a business, marketing, operations, finance and human resources

Key Stage Five

At Key Stage 5, we offer the OCR Cambridge Technical Level 3 Extended Certificate in Business. The course is equivalent to one A Level. Students study five units over 2 years to achieve this qualification 2 examined units - Unit 1 The Business Environment (double weighted) and Unit 2 Working in Business 3 coursework units - Unit 4 Customers and Communication, Unit 5 Marketing and Market Research and Unit 17 Responsible Business Practices.

Curriculum Information

Homework will be set weekly to reinforce the work covered in class or to explore further business topics through research tasks.

Using ICT Support Learning:

Students are encouraged to use ICT for research tasks, presentation and analysis.

Essential Equipment:

Students are expected to have a pen, a green pen, highlighters, a pencil, a ruler and a calculator in class.

How best to support your daughter in this subject:

  • Discuss the issues raised in the lesson with your child
  • If you are working, discuss with them the work of such departments as Human Resources, Marketing and Finance
  • Monitor homework and coursework