Child Development

Curriculum Leader

Ms Lawson

Ms Shirfield

Our Child Development curriculum provides students with an understanding of infants and how they develop. It develops environmentally aware global citizens that are empowered to solve problems in this beautifully complex world. 

The curriculum allows students to develop a deep knowledge of infants and how they develop. It encourages curiosity and ensures that students are empowered to ask theoretical questions about why infants do what they do. Students will learn to appreciate the differences in infants and develop an understanding of how infants think and interact with each other.  

Through our Child Development curriculum, students will learn to confidently use a range of data to investigate infant behaviour and develop their critical thinking skills, numeracy, and literacy. Students will expand their Child Development vocabulary and use it to communicate Child Development ideas through discussion, debate, and writing.  Students will develop the skills to identify and challenge bias when thinking about critically different perspectives and to develop understanding of the big ideas in Child Development and how they interconnect. 

We develop High Performance Learners by teaching students how to be enquiring infant researchers with a concern for society and who can make connections across their learning and think critically and logically about developmental issues. We will develop global citizens that are motivated to investigate issues affecting a diverse range of infants now and in the future and who are empowered to solve problems the world may face. 

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