SFH6-Course-Listings-2022-v6.pdfCurriculum Leader:

Curriculum Lead English and Media - Ms Bornstein


Deputy Curriculum Leader i/c KS3 - Ms Millar


Subject Leader Media Studies and KS5 English - Mr Marcus


At Sydenham School, the English curriculum aims to foster a love of reading and literature and support all learners in developing strong literacy skills through their experience of a broad range of texts from different genres and produced within different contexts. 

Each year our students further develop their knowledge and understanding of significant ideas and concepts, writers’ methods and context, while developing their ability to write in a variety of forms and for different audiences and purposes, crafting with increasing sophistication and independence.  

Students explore different attitudes and perspectives and are encouraged to debate and challenge interpretations as they develop their own informed personal responses and building on the knowledge and skills they have developed through their study at each key stage. 

The curriculum is inclusive, challenging, develops cultural capital and supports and prepares our students as communicators and critical thinkers to be successful in their next steps and the wider world. 

Media Studies:

The GCSE and A Level Media Studies courses develop students’ understanding of key media concepts (the ‘theoretical network’). These include media language, media representations, media industries and media audiences. Students learn how to apply this knowledge to a wide range of texts such as magazine and newspaper texts, print and moving image advertisements, film posters, music videos, radio texts, online texts, video game texts and television programmes. The subject provides students with the opportunity to develop analysis skills, as well as making judgements and arguments based on evidence. In addition, students develop creative skills in making their own print texts (GCSE and A Level) and online texts (A Level). Media Studies students develop an understanding of the world in which they live, while appreciating how meaning is constructed by the media in our culture/society. 

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Marking for Literacy


Reading is a vital part of every student's education at Sydenham.  There are many studies linking reading for pleasure with good exam results, but the benefits of reading for pleasure go beyond this and stretch right through a person's life.

Many parents and students have asked if they could have some guidance for recommended reading.

Here is a link to an updated list of recommended reads by a diverse selection of authors across a range of genres, put together by the English department and the librarians. Happy reading!

Reading list