Subject Leader:

Ms R Wylie (Curriculum Leader for Humanities)   



Mr Pickford                                                                


Ms George


Ms Gregg


Our history curriculum aims to provide students with a deep understanding of how the past has shaped the world we live in, equipping them to make sense of the dynamic environment of the twenty-first century.  

Our curriculum will explore ‘hidden histories’ to enable students to explore the diversity of the past. Students learn how to use sources to discover and construct the past, igniting their curiosity. The history curriculum is rooted in subject discipline. The history curriculum empowers students to read, engage with and analyse historical scholarship, understanding that the past is also constructed. They are supported by strong substantive and disciplinary knowledge, enabling them to achieve academically.  

Our history curriculum aims to encourage students to develop a chronological framework of British and world history to help them make sense of the knowledge they acquire.  Through our history curriculum, students will expand their historical vocabulary and communicate their ideas in discussion, debates and in extended written work, demonstrating depth of historical thinking and argument.  

We develop high performance learning by teaching historians to be analytical and critical thinkers, able to articulate the importance of freedom, democracy and the challenges faced to get there

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