Subject Leader:

Ms Egginton  (Curriculum Leader for Humanities)          



Ms Alexander                                                           


Ms Conway                                                                        


Mr Pickford                                                                        


Ms Stoddart                                                                      


Ms Quartey


History is stimulating, engaging and intellectually provoking. Our History curriculum at Sydenham, strives to challenge our students on social, moral, spiritual and cultural issues through our diverse and inclusive teaching strategies and thought provoking schemes of work.  Students use a variety of skills to investigate a range of topics, such as analysing different source materials, using empathy to understand different societies and forming and creating their own opinions and arguments.  Students develop literacy, knowledge and comprehension skills by producing various written pieces throughout the key stages.

Key Stage Three

At KS3, in Yr 7, students study the Sinking of the Titanic, The Battle of Hastings, Medieval Life and Religion, King John and the Magna Carta, Elizabeth I and the Reformation, and the British Empire. At KS3, in Yr8, students study The Transatlantic Slave Trade, The Industrial Revolution, World War One, the Holocaust and the Suffragettes.

Key Stage Four

At KS4, students study Medicine in Britain, c.1250-1500, Early Elizabethan England, 1558-1588, Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-1939 and Superpower Relations, 1941-1991

Key Stage Five

At KS5, students study topics such as Democracies in Change, America; Boom and Bust, Witchcraft in Early Modern Europe and a controversial issue from History for their Coursework Unit

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