Curriculum Leader:

Ms. A. Bauer


Ms Ossa  - Subject Leader Spanish

Ms Waddingham - Subject Leader French

Being covered by Ms L Dhima

Ms N Landaluce - Teacher of Spanish & Latin

Ms Y Arteaga - Teacher of Spanish & Latin

Ms Walker - Teacher of German & acting subject leader French

Ms Artal - Foreign Language Assistant


The Language Faculty at Sydenham School believes that language learning is a life long skill. We are not just aiming to develop students into proficient linguists, but also into individuals who can look beyond the garden gate and demonstrate a cultural knowledge and understanding of the countries where the language they learn is spoken. We teach creatively and interactively and provide the students with opportunities to experience the language they study

Key Stage Three

In KS3 all students in Sydenham School study either French, German or Spanish and Latin. The learning follows a Grammar based scheme of work on a range of topics. Over the two years, students will be introduced to the basics necessary for studying a language at GCSE level.

Key Stage Four

In KS4 most students in Sydenham School study at least one language. They continue to study from a Grammar based scheme of work on a variety of topics.

Key Stage Five

In KS5, following on from GCSE, students are taught an advanced level of grammar and study the following topic areas for A-Level:

·         Aspects of society

·         Artistic culture

·         Multiculturalism

·         Aspects of political life

·         Literary texts and films

·         Individual research project

Curriculum Information