Curriculum Leader:

Ms Knowles


Ms Ossa  - Subject Leader Spanish

Ms Arteaga - Teacher of Spanish

Ms Landaluce - Teacher of Spanish

Ms Waddingham - Subject Leader French

Ms Walker - Subject Leader German

Ms Siddell - Teacher of German (and Deputy Head)

Ms Artal - Foreign Language Assistant

The Language Faculty at Sydenham School believes that language learning is a life long skill. We are not just aiming to develop students into proficient linguists, but also into individuals who can look beyond the garden gate and demonstrate a cultural knowledge and understanding of the countries where the language they learn is spoken. We teach creatively and interactively and provide our students opportunities to become true global citizens. 

Students are allowed to gain systematic knowledge of the vocabulary, grammar, and sound and spelling systems (phonics) of their new language, and how these are used by speakers of the language. Students then need to reinforce this knowledge in lessons and at home with extensive planned practice and use in order to build the skills needed for communication. 

Students will become confident in understanding and producing the key sounds of the language they will study. Per year approximately 360 words are taught with systematic revisiting of vocabulary within a month, within a term, and within a year. The focus is to teach the most frequently used vocabulary of the language. Students will be taught high-frequency grammar functions which are revisited several times over KS3 and KS4, in particular features for persons, subjects, tenses and aspect and a range of key syntax (word order and relations between words). 

We develop High Performance Learners. Our practice is frequent, spaced, meaning and form-focused, and involves an element of struggle. Learning is carefully planned to support progression for all learners.  

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