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From day to day finances, to predicting the behaviour of large groups of people, from designing bridges to the language of computers, from understanding the evidence for the efficacy of a new medicine to working out how environmentally friendly your next car will be, mathematics underpins every aspect of modern life. A beautiful and interesting subject worthy of study for its own sake, mathematics is also a practical tool for a better understanding of our world. In an ever changing world, a sound understanding of mathematical principles backed up with excellent qualifications is essential for continuing education and employment.

Key Stage Three

At Sydenham School, we aim to enthuse young people to enjoy maths, to prepare them thoroughly for public examinations and to equip them with mathematical skills for the 21st century. Students study the five strands: Number; Algebra; Ratio and Proportion; Geometry and Measures and lastly Probability and Statistics. 

 Key Stage Four

Throughout Key Stage 3 and 4, in a five-year preparation for their GCSE, students study Number, Algebra, Ratio and Proportion, Geometry and Measures, Probability and Statistics. In all of these strands students aim to become firstly confident in recall of knowledge and fluent in standard application of skills. Then they seek to be able to use this base of knowledge to reason mathematically and to solve problems in a variety of contexts.

Key Stage Five

Sydenham is fortunate to be able to offer both A Level Mathematics as well as A Level Further Mathematics courses. These build on the foundations laid down in GCSE with increasingly abstract ‘Pure’ mathematics but also explore how mathematical models can be used in Statistics and Mechanics to solve genuine real world problems that arise in diverse fields such as Engineering, Psychology and Medicine.

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