Subject Leader RE

Ms Thirunavukarasu


Religious Education aims to ensure that our students develop key skills such as critical thinking, evaluating, extended writing and interpretation of religious texts and scholarship. We believe that this will act as a foundation for their learning within RE and other humanities subjects and will allow them to flourish as well-informed theologians at Sydenham.  

Through the study of religion at Sydenham, students are encouraged to evaluate logical arguments and present these in a variety of formats. Students will be looking at a range of different religions and topics which will allow them to understand the diverse nature religion and how it affects individual choices as well as philosophical debates including the nature of God and feminist interpretations of religion Religious Education aims to teach students to empathise with those who hold opposing or different views. Wherever you work or live, religion plays a part in people's lives, by giving students the opportunity to study the subject, we empower them to broaden their own world view. 

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