Curriculum Leader:

Ms Maduka


Ms Harbon

Ms Pooley

Ms Altinok

Studying Sociology allows students to explore their place in society, by studying the interactions, structures and systems that influence and shape lives. The Sociology curriculum at Sydenham School strives to embed in all students of the subject an inquisitive interest in the world around them, immediate and beyond; to explore changes and trends over time as well as make predictions about what the future may hold for people and society. The course content and related work develops a range of skills that enables students to express themselves effectively both verbally and through their written work.

Key Stage Four

We follow the AQA GCSE curriculum (9-1) which covers families, education, social stratification and crime and deviance as well as a range of primary and secondary research methods.

Key Stage Five

We follow the AQA A Level curriculum which includes compulsory units in Education and crime and deviance. We also learn about families and media as well as research methods in context of education and crime and deviance and a range of theories exploring society such as functionalism, Marxism, feminism, interactionism and postmodernism. Students are encouraged to engage in wider reading, particularly of current affairs to support their understanding of sociological theories and concepts and apply this to contemporary society.

Curriculum Information